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Shipping Solutions


Comprehensive E-commerce Integrations and Support

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, shipping plays a paramount role in determining the success of an online business. At Abbot Kinney Agency, we empower businesses with end-to-end shipping solutions tailored to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Here's how we've been making a difference in the shipping solutions landscape:

Dedicated Merchant Support for Shipping Carriers

Our support extends beyond development. We provide unwavering merchant support to shipping carriers, addressing challenges, and ensuring smooth operations.

E-commerce Platforms for Shipping Companies

In recognizing the unique requirements of shipping companies, we've crafted e-commerce platforms that enable them to effectively sell their shipping products. Our solutions integrate multiple shipping carriers, providing a unified interface and experience.

Proud Partnerships

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the industry’s most reputed shipping companies:


Delivering reliable e-commerce solutions complementing Canpar's distinguished services.


Tailored integrations that align with Loomis-Express's commitment to excellence.


Robust plugins and integrations amplifying Purolator's operational efficiency.

Canada Post

E-commerce solutions that resonate with Canada Post's dedication to reliable shipping.

Regular Plugin and App Updates

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so are we. We continuously support shipping carriers with:
Updates for WooCommerce and Magento plugins
Keeping your plugins aligned with the latest versions and features.
Shopify App Updates
Ensuring your Shopify apps are up-to-date and deliver peak performance.

Versatile Plugin and Integration Development

Shipping carriers benefit immensely from our expertise in crafting plugins and integrations. Our proficiency spans a range of platforms:
WooCommerce Plugins
Tailored plugins that fit into your WooCommerce framework seamlessly.
Magento Plugins
Customized solutions ensuring optimal performance on Magento platforms.
Shopify Integrations
Enhance your Shopify store with our specialized shipping integrations.
ShipStation Integrations
Streamline your shipping process with our integrations tailored for ShipStation.

Take Your Shipping to the Next Level

The shipping domain is intricate, demanding precision and efficiency at every step. At Abbot Kinney Agency, we simplify this with solutions that resonate with your needs. Connect with us and elevate your shipping operations to unparalleled heights.